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Alternatives To Make Primary Elections
More Democratic
 Suggestions For America's Major Political Parties

The primary election process in the United States is neither fair, nor democratic. In the Presidential primaries, every state has a different method for selecting delegates, so that a person's vote may matter more or less depending on what state they are in. In state and local elections, problems vary depending on the city. In Baltimore in 2011, when factoring in the percentage of people that didn't register, the number of people that didn't vote, the number of candidates, and the percentage of votes the winner received, about 5% of the population decided our fate for the next five years.The process needs to be standardized, or at least become more standardized for the entire country, and probably should be the same for both major parties.

No Superdelegates, No Winner Take All States

Convention delegates should be proportionate to the number of votes each candidate gets. There is no reason a person's vote should be worth more or less depending on what state they are in. The number of delegates a state gets at a convention also should not be predetermined. The final breakdown of delegates should be determined based on how many people in a particular state vote.

Once the voters have spoken, there should not be an opportunity for the party to undermine the will of voters by selecting superdelegates that can vote for whoever they want. Disenfranchising voters is not the way to win support for a party in the general election.

The concept of winner take all states thwarts democracy in another way. Just like in the general election, a candidate could get more votes, but if they don't win the right states, they may not win the nomination.

Use Delegates To Prioritize Primary Voting

As a weaker substitute for a prioritized voting system, presidential candidates in the primary could be given careful control in the selection of their delegates. In the convention balloting process, if no one has a clear majority, the candidate with the fewest delegates in the voting process should be eliminated, and the delegates would have to choose from the remaining candidates in the next ballot. The process would be repeated until the delegates choose from the final two to determine the nominee.

No Pressure To Drop Out

This means no candidate should have to drop out unless they truly want to. Everyone should have the right to vote for the candidate they want, through the entire primary process. Candidates should have the right to let everyone voice their opinion. If a candidate runs out of money, they can stay on the ballot and just not campaign in every state. So in this scenario, candidates that would lose a one-on-one race with numerous other candidates don't become the nominee because the opposition is divided between numerous other candidates. This would also give candidates more influence over who the nominee is.

We need a major overhaul of the election system in this country. We need campaign finance reform that includes overturning the Citizens United decision. And we need to get rid of the Electoral College.